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Learn More About Our Passion Projects:

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Indigenous Training Bank

Imagine professional development sessions that can be accessed by any district at any time and focus on how teachers can change the trajectory of the educational outcomes for Native students. Topics include: microaggressions, misconceptions, building an inclusive classroom, enticing Native student engagement, pedagogy and practices Native American content evaluation, and creating lessons that support Indigenous students.


Indigenous Education Passive Education Program

We believe that training and education must be ongoing and provide critical facts and information about Native American history, pedagogical tips, and a broader understanding of the elements that contextualize greater learning for Native students. 

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Storytelling Research

We must understand the past in order to make a difference in the future. Storytelling Research involves focus groups for Native students and families that deepen the understanding of the Native educational experience. These stories are woven into a training series for educators to provide insight about the changes needed on an individual (teacher) level and a school-wide level for Native student success. 


Mentorship Guide

Our mentorship guide helps districts create an individualized support network for Native students. This program draws upon the expertise and support of Native graduates and Elders to provide inspiration and guidance. Currently underway is an Indigenous Video Program that features Elders speaking about why education is important to the culture, the communities and the individual student that helps teachers and students will learn more about the historical trauma associated with the public educational system and becomes connected to strategies to encourage Native student success.

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Indigenous Curriculum Resource Database

We know that teachers need authentic and fact-checked resources to provide culturally sourced curriculum for class content and lessons. Sample Lesson Plan Archives demonstrate by discipline, how indigenous education can be woven into the fabric of all courses. For example, what is Indigenous math and how does it make a difference? How does Indigenous math compare to a Sumerian approach?

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