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Team Meeting

Our Areas of Expertise

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Our approach to team building is more than a fun activity or game. We know how to drill down to the core of creative group synergy. It's common to have some group members be reticent to the idea of team training or group development efforts. The key is to help team members learn more about each other and understand work styles that can bond and break the way a group functions. Building team competence is the beginning of building a high performing team.

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Change Management

Have you ever heard the phrase, "change is hard?" It's true that most people feel disconcerted when their pattern or routine is disrupted. Our change management experts work with leaders to understand the best way to implement change, but they also work with groups that are dealing with organizational change. If you are about to enter a change management period or are even in the middle of it, call upon our experts to help you learn more about the best way to help your group embrace change.

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Managerial Leadership and Supervisory Skills

There are a lot of supervisory training programs that you can implement, but you won't find any that are close to as insightful and more importantly, as fun as ours. We don't believe in training that feels like a waste of time or putting in your time. Instead, we believe in arming supervisors OR potential supervisors with skills, self-awareness, and a joyful outlook that is necessary when managing others.

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Women’s Leadership & Empowerment

Count on our team of women trainers for training sessions that focus on the strengths, skills, and possibilities that should be an expectation for all women and girls. Our training includes: economic empowerment, feminism, political participation, sexual violence education and advocacy, gender equality, career advancement and equal pay, and mentorship.

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Native American Education

We have expert content area trainers and place importance on knowing about the Native American and Indigenous communities in your area. The trainers focus on information of historical context, tribal sovereignty, and building more inclusive and indigenous aware teams.

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